Can I make more than one application?

You are unable to make more than one separate application. Within your application you will choose your preferred role and we suggest you choose wisely and for a role that best suits your skill set. If you have made more than one application you will still only be considered for the role of the first application you submitted. After your preferred role, should a position become available that we think you would be suitable for we will contact you.

Can I change my preferences once I have made my application?

Yes, but as there are over 4,000 applications floating around at this time of year, your form will go to the bottom of the list. Applications are sorted to the relevant managers once you have applied. If you change your preferred role or ski area preferences the system will not recognise this and you still will be allocated to the area that you originally applied for. This could work against you and slow down the review process and cause confusion for the hiring managers. So be careful when choosing the location, ski area, department and position. If in doubt, email us.

Why can’t I see the job I wish to apply for?

We don’t always have vacancies in every department. With a 45% return staff rate each year, some teams might return in full and we have no need to advertise.

Should I buy a seasons pass at the early-bird rate?

If you’re planning to ski or snowboard this season regardless of whether you’re working on the mountain then YES! If you do get a job with us we will REFUND the full price of the pass if you haven’t used it. If you have used it before starting employment then we can partially refund the cost.

Will I need a New Zealand Bank Account?

Yes you do. We also suggest that all employees try to arrange their New Zealand bank accounts before coming to work at Mt Ruapehu, and as soon as you arrive in New Zealand. The major cities are normally the best place to get them, but we also have a few locally based facilities. By winter, Kiwibank will be the only bank located in Ohakune.

Please note you will need a bank account prior to applying for your IRD number. If you have previously worked or lived overseas you will need to provide the bank with details of your tax number and or identification numbers for the relevant countries.

What is an IRD Number and where can I get one from?

Your Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number is your tax file number. You’ll need this number in order to get paid. Yep so it’s pretty important! You can get apply for your IRD number online once you have your bank account details. Please visit for further details.

How do I get to National Park or Ohakune?

If you don’t have access to a car then bus and train services stop in Ohakune and National Park, travelling from both Auckland and Wellington. Refer to (bus) and (train) for timetable information. Train services can be limited depending on the time of year.

I am only able to work for a few months of the winter season, what opportunities are available for me?

Ideally all applicants are available to work for the full season – from mid-June to the end of October. However, there are some departments that need additional staff during our peak periods, so if you are not available for the entire season, you should still apply – just let us know your availability in your application.

I now have my working holiday visa, what do I do?

If you have received a working holiday visa or permit since applying please change the status on your application and attach a copy. Please note that you cannot work in New Zealand without one and an offer of employment is subject to you legally being able to work in New Zealand.