Can I make more than one application? 

We prefer that initially you apply for the role you want most. Our team work closely together which means that if you’re unsuccessful or have skills that could used elsewhere then we automatically look at other opportunities for you. Within your application you will choose your preferred role and we suggest you choose wisely and for a role that best suits your skill set. If you have made more than one application you will still only be considered for the role of the first application you submitted. After your preferred role, should a position become available that we think you would be suitable for we will contact you. 

Can I change my preferences once I have made my application? 

Yes, but as there are many applications floating around at our peak employment times, this may casue some delays. Applications are sorted to the relevant managers once you have applied. If you change your preferred role or ski area preferences the system will not recognise this and you will be allocated to the area that you originally applied for. This could work against you and slow down the review process and cause confusion for the hiring managers. So be careful when choosing the location, ski area, department and position. If in doubt, email us. 

Why can’t I see the job I wish to apply for? 

We don’t always have vacancies in every department. With a 45% return staff rate each year, some teams might return in full and we have no need to advertise. 

How are interviews conducted?

All applicants are interviewed as part of our recruitment process. Generally these are face to face, as we really want to meet you in person however each hiring manager may also offer interviews online. Delivering inspiring and unique experiences for our guests (manuhiri) is what we’re all about so meeting you in person gives you the best chance to highlight how you can play a part in achieving this. If you are currently in NZ you may be asked to attend one of our face to face interview weekends in April or early May.

NB: Some roles do not offer online interviews and face to face interviews are compulsory.

When will I find out if I’m successful? 

All successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible after their interview by phone or email. Final offers of employment and employment agreements to sign and return will be emailed. Most positions will have a start date between mid-June and early July.

Due to the various start dates for roles, you may not hear from us right away. This is sometimes because we’re taking a look at your second choice or trying to find the best spot for you. We endeavour to get in touch with everyone as soon as possible but this can take time. Thanks in advance for your patience.

What if I’m overseas? 

We welcome applications from overseas however applicants should secure the right to work in New Zealand and will need to have a valid work visa. In most cases this may be a working holiday visa. A declaration must be signed stating applicants are eligible to work in New Zealand for the duration of their contract however if your visa expires before the end of the season, please apply ensuring that the expiry date is noted in your application.

If you do not have a valid working visa for New Zealand we may not be able to support these unless it is one of our highly skilled roles such as Snowsports Instructor, Safety Services (Patrol), or Groomer Drivers. At presetn RAL is not supporting these visas however we are working on the option of supporting these for the 2023 season. We will endeavour to notify successful applicants based overseas by end of April. This will allow enough time for us to send you an Employment Agreement and for you to organise your work visa before a start date in mid-June – early-July. You must apply for your work visa prior to your arrival in New Zealand and receive your work visa prior to starting work.

Note: Australian citizens are legally entitled to work in New Zealand.

Working Holiday Visas

Please refer to the New Zealand Immigration Service website for further information on visas for New Zealand.

Not previously worked at Mt Ruapehu?

If you have not previously worked for Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, your employment is subject to an initial probationary period of 90 calendar days commencing on the first day you start work. All employees will be treated fairly and in good faith.

Is drug & alcohol testing required?

Our teams safety and wellbeing is important to us at Mt Ruapehu. Pre-employment drug testing is mandatory for some roles and all employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing throughout employment.

If you have concerns about our policy and process please don’t hesitate to ask for a copy of our Drug & Alcohol Policy – we prefer applicants to be fully informed before they apply.

Are there other checks like Police Vetting required?

There are other positions within RAL who are likely to be working with children (e.g. Ski and Ride School and Medical Centre). For these positions, RAL requires that these individuals go through ‘Police Vetting’. You will be sent a declaration form as part of the recruitment process if this applies to you.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at

Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

We do not require staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 however we do encourage staff to maintain up to date vaccinations. Our teams come in contact with our guests, and there are many!, throughout the day and vaccinations are just one way to protect the safety and wellbeing of the everyone.